Captive is an understated story of addiction and recovery framed as a hostage thriller. Based on Ashley Smith and Stacy Mattingly’s nonfiction book Unlikely Angel, it tells the story of a young meth addict in Atlanta who gets taken captive by an escaped convict, establishes a rapport with him, and manages to stay safe until she can contact law enforcement officials. In finding the inner strength to navigate the experience, she realizes she can get through life without drugs. The movie ends on a positive note, a postscript stating that, in real life, the heroine managed to stay clean, reclaim custody of her young daughter, and lead a healthy life. Captive is being advertised as a “faith-based” drama, since the heroine finds inspiration to better herself from a Christian self-help book, yet screenwriters Brian Bird and Reinhard Denke and director Jerry Jameson downplay the role of religion in her transformation, aiming for a universal message of mind over matter. Continue reading >>