Castle in the Ground is a somber if not sober look at America that immerses viewers into the bleak reality of the opioid epidemic. After the untimely death of his mother, Rebecca (Neve Campbell), Henry (Alex Wolff) befriends his charming but unsettled neighbor Ana (Imogen Poots). Poots imbues Ana with an appeal anyone would be hard-pressed to ignore, let alone the younger, guilt-ridden and grief-stricken Henry. Soon, stressful situations abound due to the pair’s shared drug dependency. While Henry’s is fledgling, Ana always seems to be one use away from her last, creating the same sustained tension that scouring the neighborhood for your next fix might. Poots’s ability to transfix paired with Wolff’s affecting performance makes it impossible to opt out before a conclusion. But, much like the similarly themed Ben Is Back, the mood remains melancholy, and viewers are left in the dark about the protagonists’ ultimate fates.