A few weeks after the Six-Day War of 1967, Israeli soldiers shared their profound misgivings about the conflict with Avraham Shapira and novelist Amos Oz, who audiotaped 30 group discussions at various kibbutzes. “There’s a sense of sadness that the newspapers don’t address,” Oz remarks on the tapes, yet 70 percent of this troubling oral history—including alleged orders to murder captives and civilians—would be omitted from the resulting book, The Seventh Day: Soldiers’ Talk About the Six Day War. For this illuminating German-Israeli documentary, director Mor Loushy and editor-cowriter Daniel Sivan access those voices, with some veterans appearing onscreen to listen to their younger selves on tape. The sense of dread conjured up by Markus Aust’s score is hardly necessary; the archival footage includes an ABC news report, filmed at an Amman refugee camp, whose correspondent concludes, “The only thing growing here are seeds of revenge.”