The title of this 2010 French release translates more precisely as “true or faithful copy,” which may give you a better idea where Iranian writer-director Abbas Kiarostami (Taste of Cherry) is going with it. Much of the film unfolds as a prolonged walk-and-talk between two layered and often contentious characters: an English art critic visiting Tuscany on a book tour (the fascinating William Shimell) and a Frenchwoman living there (Juliette Binoche) who finagles an introduction to the author and takes him on a day trip to the village of Lucignano. Yet Kiarostami sends the narrative spinning about midway through, when the characters’ husband-and-wife role-playing for the benefit of a local cafe owner begins to seem like the movie’s actual reality. The conclusion is abrupt and unsatisfying, but the philosophical dialogue Kiarostami manages to keep aloft for well over an hour touches on intriguing questions of openness, self-honesty, and personal freedom. In English and subtitled French and Italian.