The lifelong friendship between painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Emile Zola gets a sensitive but occasionally soapy treatment from French writer-director Danièle Thompson (Jet Lag). As teenagers the two men become fast friends and enthusiastic supporters of each other’s creative work, but later in life their affection for each other is taxed by the growing disparity between their careers, as the buttoned-up Zola (Guillaume Canet) becomes a literary star and the unkempt Cézanne (Guillaume Gallienne) labors in obscurity. On the margins of the story, Zola’s wife, Alexandrine (Alice Pol), fumes over her husband’s bromance with the irascible painter, and Hortense (Déborah François), the nude model who gives birth to Cezanne’s child, gets a memorably overripe speech lambasting the artist for turning her sweet young form into his bizarre shapes and colors. In French with subtitles.