This is supposed to be an inspirational drama about overcoming grief, but with High School Musical dreamboat Zac Efron in the title role, it keeps turning into a Tiger Beat photo spread. Charlie St. Cloud is a sensitive young man from a lower-middle-class family who’s set to attend Stanford on a sailing scholarship, but after his younger brother dies in a car crash, Charlie throws it all away to become a groundsman at the cemetery where the boy is buried. The scenes in which Charlie plays catch with the ghost of his Red Sox-happy brother are only the most mawkish in a movie whose every element is calculated to set a 12-year-old girl’s heart thumping. Burr Steers directed; with Kim Basinger as the boys’ mother, Amanda Crew as the young woman trying to pull Charlie out of his funk, and Ray Liotta as a paramedic who gives Charlie his Saint Christopher medal.