Back in the 70s Charlie’s Angels was scorned as “jiggle television”; now that jiggling has been redefined as an act of empowerment, big-screen angels Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore can hold their heads (and racks) up high. But the main reason I enjoyed this high-powered action flick and its 2000 predecessor is their willingness to poke fun at the premise of crime-fighting dolls, even though it now has more currency than ever. Bernie Mac, looking rather lost, is no substitute for Bill Murray as the angels’ point man, Bosley (Mac plays his brother), but now that the franchise is a proven winner the producers have had no trouble recruiting a raft of big names (Bruce Willis, Robert Forster, John Cleese, Eric Bogosian, Demi Moore, Carrie Fisher) to round out the cast. 105 min.