The Angels are back and they’re just as charming as ever. Sixteen years after McG’s original trio of savvy spies last hit theaters, the new Charlie’s Angels forgoes the script of gratuitous exploitation and replaces it with a refreshing sense of agency without losing the fun of the series. Elizabeth Banks directs and crafts a charming screenplay—albeit one where the wit is sandwiched between nearly deafening cries of mass-market #girlpower—but it isn’t totally without heart either. Kristen Stewart is a standout as a solid comedic lead, and Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska hold their own with more endearing performances. Some of the jokes feel a bit too try-hard, and some of the film’s emotional moments may not be completely earned, but it manages to be a blast all throughout its run time. It’s a faithful nod to a franchise that is adored because of its unapologetic shallowness, and it’s sure to be one of the more enjoyable blockbusters of the year.