This adaptation of Colette’s novels Cheri and The Last of Cheri closes with a long and unforgiving close-up of 50-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer gazing into a mirror; the shot might have more impact if there were a little more to forgive, yet Pfeiffer is undeniably well cast as a famous beauty whose looks are beginning to fade. As a retired courtesan of the Belle Epoque era, she carries on a six-year affair with the pretty, indolent son (Rupert Friend) of a catty friend (Kathy Bates), then loses him to an arranged marriage and really begins to feel her age. The movie reunites Pfeiffer with director Stephen Frears and screenwriter Christopher Hampton, who did Dangerous Liaisons (1988); this costume drama doesn’t have nearly as much bite as that one, though the age reversal of its central romance gives it a certain topicality. R, 92 min.