This festival of new independent features and old favorites runs Friday through Thursday, September 10 through 16, at Music Box. The revivals include midnight shows of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Fri 9/10) and Predator (Sat 9/11). Among the new features are Special When Lit,
a documentary about pinball (Fri 9/10, 7 PM); The Street Stops Here, a portrait of high school basketball coach Bob Hurley (Sat 9/11, 2 PM); Ballhawks, a documentary about ball chasers outside Wrigley Field, which premiered at the Gene Siskel Film Center earlier this year (Sat 9/11, 7 PM); Official Rejection, a behind-the-scenes look at the film festival circuit (Sat 9/11, 9:30 PM); The Things We Carry, a drama about a young woman trying to cope with the death of her mother (Sun 9/12, 8 PM); Gabi on the Roof in July, a story of young New Yorkers pressed for money (Mon 9/13, 7 PM); RiffRaff, a romantic comedy about lifeguards on North Avenue beach that also debuted at the Film Center (Mon 9/13, 9:30 PM); and The Elephant in the Living Room, a documentary about people who keep exotic animals as house pets (Tue 9/14, 7 PM). For a complete schedule see