Described as one film split into two parts that can be viewed in either order, Michele Smith’s silent Like All Bad Men He Looks Attractive (2003, 23 min.) and They Say (2003, 49 min.) continue the junk collecting, montage, and collage that made her two-hour Regarding Penelope’s Wake so intractable as well as fascinating. Bad Men mixes a 35-millimeter reel and two 16s with such diverse elements as 8-millimeter home movies and stag reels, plastic shopping bags, various kinds of slides, and butterfly wings. For They Say, Smith not only mixed rental videos with highly edited 16-millimeter found footage but dumped the results in her garden for several weeks under various kinds of litter, and the deterioration of the images grows in importance as the work progresses. In more ways than one, the shifting approaches to processing this onslaught become Smith’s subject.