Tatsu Aoki is better known as a musician than as a filmmaker, but over the past two decades his experimental films have maintained a consistently meditative vision. Puzzle Part 2 (2001, 45 min.), the longer of these two works, includes a highway seen from a moving car, city lights, and many abstract sequences; Aoki created its irregularly repeating rhythms in part by misthreading the camera so the celluloid would skip in the gate and blur vertically. Recurring images of an unassembled jigsaw puzzle signal his aesthetic, which abjures a grand design in favor of close concentration on visual detail; his jittery light patterns conflate his observations of daily life with his focus on the mechanism of cinema. Aoki will attend the screening, and Jeff Parker of Tortoise will provide live musical accompaniment for both films; his recorded track for the diaristic Decades Passed (28 min.) adds even more rhythmic layers.