Most of these 22 videos by students at the University of Illinois at Chicago are pretty good, and a few are genuinely original, such as Alex Grant’s perversely minimal Men Singing, in which a fake-looking animated sailboat crosses a grayish field to a duo (including Grant) singing “Dock of the Bay.” Anneka Herre’s similarly sparse The Bear Hunt (2004) shows a close-up of a woman’s torso as she mimics walking and running by clapping her hands on her legs. Santi Khairassame’s cute Game uses a video-game labyrinth as a metaphor for an institutional building, with ghosts chasing two men down corridors. Jillby Carson reflects on her mother’s early death in Haunted; in the most effective scene a handheld camera explores in gritty close-ups the rough surfaces of the basement where pictures of her mother have been hidden. 105 min.