Five transsexual women living in Barcelona discuss what it’s like to live in the sexually open society of post-Franco Spain, no longer banished to an underground existence, in this German-produced documentary (2001) by Kriton Kalaitzidis. Trini, born after the Franco years, has a defiance that the others lack; Marie-Jose and Dora recall the hardship of those difficult times, when a betrayal could mean imprisonment or worse. Most of the women are still marginalized and resort to prostitution to make ends meet, fearful of police or government reprisal. Ironically, Dora laments the old days, when transsexual hookers had more flamboyant personas and attracted a smaller market. Kalaitzidis wisely shows his leading ladies almost exclusively at night, at work and at play, prowling the city’s back alleys, bars, and nightclubs—despite Spain’s sexual liberation they remain creatures of the night. In Spanish with subtitles. 63 min. (Joshua Katzman)