Barbara Rubin was just 18 years old when she made this classic of experimental cinema (1963), a paean to sexual exploration comparable to Kenneth Anger’s Fireworks and Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures. The film consists of two separate 16-millimeter projections, with one intended to be overlaid upon the other; Rubin also devised instructions for the projectionist to create his or her own soundtrack by playing whatever he or she encountered on the radio. The content features close-ups of female genitalia and explicit footage of two men having sex, yet the film never feels salacious; rather, it invokes a sense of innocent sexual discovery that complements the formal discoveries happening with the sound and image. (The playful title hints at the feelings of exuberance communicated by the work as a whole.) Please note that this screening will be of a recent digital restoration of Christmas on Earth, which can only approximate the experimentation of a live projection of the work.