Credit: <i>Chronic</i>

Mexican filmmaker Michel Franco is attracted to perverse relationships: his haunting Daniel and Ana, which screened at the 2009 festival, concerned a brother and sister in Mexico City who are kidnapped and forced to mate for a sex video, and this eerie drama stars Tim Roth as a private nurse in LA who’s incapable of setting boundaries with his patients. Moving from one charge to the next—a woman wasting away from AIDS, a family patriarch felled by a stroke, a woman suffering through chemo—he is, in some scenes, a study in devotion, tenderhearted and attentive, and in others, a seriously creepy individual, digging around in his patients’ private lives. (Naturally, his own private life is a mess.) Franco has created a memorable character, one whose extremes of behavior begin to merge in a gray area between selfless giving and selfish need.