This big-screen vehicle for the popular performance troupe would be more bearable if the exhibitors passed out earplugs along with the 3-D glasses. Benoit Jutras’s original score is like an unholy mix of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dream Theater, and Enya; even the Beatles songs that turn up on the soundtrack can’t alleviate its punishing impact. The music aside, this is passable entertainment for families and stoners, filled with imaginative pantomime and acrobatics and exhibiting a pleasant dream logic as it drifts from one fantastical set piece to another. The movie collects only the most ambitious moments from several different shows, which may be the reason it so quickly turns monotonous; every scene is a show-stopper, so naturally the show never gets moving. Andrew Adamson, a veteran of the Shrek and Chronicles of Narnia franchises, directed.