Directed by Trish Dolman this documentary explores the world of biohacking, a phenomenon otherwise known as DIY biology in which individuals conduct biological experiments outside of traditional research institutions, often testing on themselves. The focus of this film is Aaron Traywick, a biohacker who was found dead in a sensory deprivation tank in 2018. Half whodunnit, half deep-dive, Dolman interviews several other biohackers who worked with Traywick on a number of products, including a vaccine for HIV and a cure for herpes. She at once details the events leading up to Traywick’s death, while also seriously considering the ethical and scientific concerns the biohackers grapple with. At times gossipy and salacious, at other times moody and paranoid, Dolman neatly captures the mindset of the outsider scientists, making this a visceral viewing experience.