Citizen K is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian oligarch turned lynchpin of the anti-Putin movement after facing what many view as politically motivated criminal charges and serving over a decade in prison. The documentary details Khodorkovsky’s ascent from impoverished youth into one of Russia’s wealthiest men before his imprisonment and eventual exile to London, as well as his efforts to champion democracy and human rights in his homeland from afar. Though the film is ostensibly about Khodorkovsky, it offers an engrossing window into the climate in Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the circumstances that foregrounded Putin’s rise to power in the late-90s and his current dominance over his country. With its fast pace, compelling storytelling, and deliberate “wild west” vibe, Citizen K is captivating and haunting as it casts parallels between contemporary Russia and any country grappling with autocratic leadership today.