Courtesy Music Box Theatre

Clerk. made me cry. Maybe it will do the same for you. The Kevin Smith documentary offers an immersive and inspiring behind-the-scenes look at Smith that makes the multihyphenate’s often obscured influence clear. Directed by documentarian Malcolm Ingram, the film homes in on the community Smith fostered through the View Askewniverse, the fictional universe that sprung from his critically acclaimed debut Clerks. In that respect, it calls to mind one of Ingram’s first documentaries, the phenomenal Small Town Gay Bar. But it also spotlights the outer edges of that world, beyond Jay and Silent Bob and the like, to further highlight Smith’s work as, to put it plainly, a champion of people. From executive producing Good Will Hunting to deciding in 2017 to donate all future royalties from his Harvey Weinstein-made movies to the nonprofit Women in Film, it proves time and again that Smith’s career is one worth considering, celebrating, and continuing to follow. 115 min.

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