Courtesy Paramount Pictures

Twelve-year-old Emily (Darby Camp) is struggling to adjust to her well-to-do New York City school after moving from upstate New York. She’s being bullied for everything that makes her unique and is having trouble finding confidence in herself in this new city. When her mom (Sienna Guillory) goes out of town for work, her unmotivated uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) comes to the rescue and babysits at their “no pets allowed” apartment building. After coming upon a magical pet rescue tent that’s run by a mystical man named Bridwell (named after Clifford’s in-real-life creator), Emily is enamored by one animal that stands out above the rest, a bright red puppy that she later names Clifford. From there the Scholastic-inspired film journeys through NYC as Emily and Casey try to get Clifford, who turns into a big red dog, to become small again as local officials try to contain him and a genetic engineering company tries to steal the dog’s DNA. The movie carefully follows the Clifford theme since his creation in the 60s: a big fun creature, going on big journeys and showing people young and older alike that it’s a beautiful thing to stand out. PG, 96 min.

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