Victor Nunez hit two out of the park with the first installments of his Florida panhandle trilogy, the naturalistic and affecting Ruby in Paradise (1993) and Ulee’s Gold (1997). But here he chokes with a tired, generic crime story. An ex-con (Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant) who’s taken the rap for two of his cronies returns to his hometown only to find–surprise!–that the crooks (William Forsythe and Josh Lucas) would just as soon see him dead. Adding insult, his old flame (Sarah Wynter) has married his best friend (Josh Brolin), a cop who can’t detect infidelity under his own roof. Virgil Marcus Mirano’s Super-16 cinematography (digitally blown up to 35-millimeter) provides the film’s chief pleasures, sun-bathed vistas of a sleepy gulf coast hamlet. With Scott Wilson and Angela Bettis (2002). R, 119 min.