Director Hans Petter Moland remakes his Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance (2014), transferring the action to Colorado but retaining a sense of nihilistic ugliness familiar from numerous Scandinavian thrillers. A bored-looking Liam Neeson stars as a snowplow driver whose grown son gets murdered by members of a powerful drug ring. The driver predictably takes revenge, tracking down and killing several of the culprits, but the surviving criminals suspect that members of another drug ring committed the crimes, and a bloody turf war ensues. Moland attempts to play this for black comedy, indulging in lots of Tarantinoesque mannerisms along the way (all the criminals have silly nicknames and pontificate a lot), but the director seems to take greater delight in laboriously killing off his characters than he does in delivering jokes. The film contains a good deal of racist invective, and Moland unwisely tries to play this for laughs too. With Laura Dern and Tom Bateman.