Arnošt Lustig, a survivor of the Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and Buchenwald concentration camps, was one of the most renowned Holocaust writers to emerge after the war, but this paltry Czech drama (2013) based on his semiautobiographical book The Girl from Antwerp is among the worst films about the subject that I’ve come across. Histrionic and exploitative, the film treats the Holocaust like something out of a B-grade horror movie rather than the real-world horror it actually was. The story revolves around a Belgian Jew (Clémence Thioly) who becomes an SS officer’s sex slave in exchange for slightly better treatment, a horrifying reality speciously depicted by the filmmakers. In one particularly distasteful scene, she blows the officer while he extols the virtues of the final solution, a picture of the fuhrer hanging in the background; it’s a tableau so crude that it might be funny if the circumstances surrounding it weren’t so extremely dire. Milan Cieslar directed.