New hope for celebrity stalkers: Get yourself a video camera and a boom mike, and wham! You’re no longer a fanatic, you’re an intrepid documentary filmmaker. The burgeoning subgenre of stalker docs includes video diaries of people hunting such celebrities as J.D. Salinger (Catching Salinger), Margaret Thatcher (Tracking Down Maggie), and viral-video sensation Jack Rebney (Winnebago Man). This Danish video by Willem Alkema adds funk legend Sly Stone to the list, and much of the screen time goes to the usual rigamarole of unanswered letters, phone calls, and faxes, as well as the obligatory scene of the video maker being turned away at some gated entrance. Sly finally shows himself at the end, hunched over from a neck injury and wearing a black Spider-Man outfit, to reminisce about his friendships with Jimi Hendrix and Doris Day. In Danish with subtitles.