Crazy About Her, the latest installment in Netflix’s romantic comedies, follows writer Adri (Álvaro Cervantes) and Carla (Susana Abaitua), who after a spontaneous night together, agree to never see one another again. But Adri can’t stop thinking about Carla and how much fun he had, so he searches for her, eventually discovers she’s staying at a mental health facility, and checks in as a patient to be closer to her, much to her detestation. While there, Adri is also supposed to be writing a story that gives readers an inside look at what goes on in mental health facilities, but like the film, he often uses language that further alienates and stigmatizes people with mental illnesses. Even in its best attempts to offer a deeper exploration of mental illnesses or empathy towards those living with mental illnesses, Crazy About Her falls short of creating a new and productive dialogue on a topic that remains a taboo in many cultures.