Crazy, Not Insane delves into Dorothy Otnow Lewis’s research on the psychology of murderers. A forensic psychiatrist known for her controversial views on serial killers and the death penalty, Lewis is an absorbing subject. Undeterred by years of backlash regarding her work, she details her theory that almost all serial killers have dissociative identity disorder stemming from severe childhood trauma. As she says, “murderers are made not born,” and she worries tremendously that those who think otherwise run the risk of making more and more prisons as a punitive measure, never reaching a point of prevention. Footage of interviews with men such as Arthur Shawcross and her retellings of conversations with Ted Bundy support her theory. Maybe the most interesting part of the movie, however, focuses not on a serial killer but on traveling executioner Sam Jones. A man paid to murder, Jones shows many similar traits to those that faced the death penalty, leaving one to wonder what the difference between evil and employed, crazy and insane is.