Knockout visuals, a winning cast, and an irrepressibly feel-good vibe make this dazzling romantic comedy one for the ages; the only possible way it could have improved is if it had been a musical. A first-generation Chinese-American NYU economics professor (Constance Wu) confronts entrenched tradition and elitism when her adoring boyfriend (Henry Golding), heir to a Singapore mega-fortune, brings her home to meet the family. Michelle Yeoh adds dramatic ballast as the heroine’s formidable prospective mother-in-law, while supporting comedians Awkwafina, Ronny Chieng, and Ken Jeong gleam as brightly as the wall-to-wall luxury goods. Production designer Nelson Coates conveys the delirium of conspicuous consumption and upward mobility with his lush decor; adapting Kevin Kwan’s novel, director Jon M. Chu mines the nuances between new and old money, showing how wealth can both liberate and constrain.