This offbeat local production recalls the fiction of Thomas Pynchon in its mix of conspiracy plots, academic references, and loopy humor. A dean’s assistant at the University of Chicago (Mike Lopez) spearheads an investigation into a possible satanic cabal in the ethnomusicology department; meanwhile his accident-prone girlfriend (Lyra Hill) cheats on him with a graduate student who’s under suspicion. Director Jerzy Rose (who wrote the script with Halle Butler) dexterously manages these and other subplots; the movie doesn’t always make sense, but it never lags either, and Rose creates a distinct, propulsive rhythm for the comic dialogue. Numerous Chicago artists and filmmakers appear in supporting roles, including Chris Sullivan, Jim Trainor, Joshua Dumas, Lori Felker, Adebukola Bodunrin, J.B. Mabe, and Jesse McLean.