According to writer-director Francois Ozon (See the Sea, Sitcom) this sadomasochistic tale of two working-class suburban teenagers is based on “Hansel and Gretel,” but it also references Hollywood films noirs in which a manipulative bitch cajoles her weak-willed partner into committing murder. Alice (Natacha Regnier of The Dreamlife of Angels) tells her impotent boyfriend, Luc (Jeremie Renier of La promesse), that she’s been gang-raped and persuades him to kill the ringleader, an athletic schoolmate to whom she’s secretly attracted. After burying their victim in the forest they stumble on the cottage of a woodsman, who locks Alice in the cellar and releases a grateful Luc’s latent homosexuality by sodomizing him. Ozon may be right not to psychoanalyze his characters, but ultimately they come off as ciphers driven by inexplicable impulses; the astute casting, fluent storytelling, thoughtful mise-en-scene, and smooth cinematography fail to redeem this gleefully amoral and grossly misogynistic film. 90 min.