Credit: <i>Crimson Peak</i>

After two fanboy feasts (Hellboy II and Pacific Rim), Guillermo del Toro returns to the arty, gothic vibe of his beloved Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), and while this isn’t as haunting, it’s definitely more haunted. A throwback to the woman-in-peril genre, it stars Mia Wasikowska as a young heiress in Buffalo, New York, at the turn of the 20th century whose father is mysteriously and brutally murdered; Charlie Hunnam is a handsome doctor and amateur sleuth looking for answers, Tom Hiddleston is the dashing entrepreneur who swoops in to marry the heroine, and Jessica Chastain is his creepy, lip-curling sister. The father returns as a bloody beast with his skull caved in, and the heroine’s mother keeps bursting into the room as a charcoal-blackened wraith, but the real wonder is the sumptuous production design by Thomas E. Sanders, whose darkly colorful sets were inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.