Critical Paranoia: Conspiratorial Memes, Alternative Histories, and Disinformation

Curated by Ernest J. Ramon, this program collects YouTube videos excerpted from various news reports and documentaries on government, corporate, and underworld conspiracies. I’ve seen only 70 minutes of what’s being billed as an 80-minute program, and the entries played in a different order than they appear on the CUFF schedule. But what I saw was cleverly arranged so that the most credible allegations gradually progressed into the most absurd ones, and the content of several videos overlapped to the extent that the whole thing began to feel like a global web of evil. Among the deep, dark secrets: the CIA smuggled drugs into the U.S. through a municipal airport in Mena, Arkansas, with the tacit approval of then-governor Bill Clinton; high-ranking federal officials enjoyed the services of a child sex ring operating out of a credit union in Omaha, Nebraska; Jimi Hendrix was murdered by COINTELPRO agents because he supported the Black Panther Party; and Stanley Kubrick collaborated with NASA to fake the 1969 moon landing. Ask for an extra grain of salt on that popcorn.