Cruella is a lot of things that struggle to coalesce. A prequel that sets out to illuminate the early years of “one of cinema’s most notorious—and notoriously fashionable—villains,” Cruella de Vil, it’s ostensibly a movie made for kids. But it’s more likely to hit with those adults who protested Disney World’s closure during the pandemic. Set in 1970s London, with about 500 music cues to match the period (if not the on-screen action), the film follows Estella (Emma Stone), a clever creative determined to stamp her signature on the fashion world. A grifter living with two equally mischievous friends, the vibe is very Oliver Twist at first. Later, the movie morphs into a girl-boss story by way of The Devil Wears Prada territory when Estella catches the attention of Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), earning her a job as a fashion designer. This includes a Jenny Humphrey-style faux punk fashion show and sets into motion a course of events that cause Estella to embrace her evil side and become the villainous, voguish, and vengeful Cruella de Vil.