Cuban Fury

Most mainstream comedies these days can be boiled down to a single sentence, but this one requires only four words: “Nick Frost” and “salsa dancing.” The portly star of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead plays an office shlub with a secret passion for Latin rhythms, and seeing him shake his shoulders and throw his chin in the air is always good for a laugh. Rashida Jones plays his new boss from the States, who not only wins his heart but shares his love of salsa, and Chris O’Dowd is his laddish pal, who wants into her pants and blocks the hero’s romantic maneuvers at every opportunity. Frost is credited with the “original idea,” a fanciful phrase given the highly formulaic story, but he and Jones are charming together; now if we can only pair up Johnny Depp and Melissa McCarthy. James Griffiths directed, and the colorful supporting cast includes Ian McShane and Olivia Colman.