A program of film and video by San Francisco artist and graphic designer Scott Stark. Though I?ve seen many of Stark?s works over the years, this is the first time I’ve really understood his off-center view, his interest in the usually excluded margins. In Noema (1998) he assembles nonsexual moments from porno movies—performers changing positions, a picture on the wall—repeating them rhythmically to suggest both the sex we don’t see and the trap laid by pornography. In Unauthorized Access (1993), several performers open office-building emergency doors to venture beyond them, to spectacular roof vistas of San Francisco Bay or to more stairs, all to the sound of blaring alarms. I?ll Walk With God (1994) is an appealingly whimsical attempt to deify airline flight attendants, imagining them in some kind of kitschy heaven. Also showing: Satrapy (1988) and three short Super-8 films. Stark will attend the screening.