Israeli director Eytan Fox (Walk on Water, Yossi) has never been much of a visual stylist, and this feeble musical comedy all but points a spotlight on his failings. Apart from dressing each major character in a different bold color, he displays no affinity for the genre; the blocking is flat-footed, the jokes are unfunny, and most of the wide-screen compositions seem starved for detail. The story begins agreeably enough, as five professional 30-somethings (three straight women, one lesbian, and one gay man) and a middle-aged working mother, all of them romantically frustrated, are implausibly recruited to form a pop group and represent Israel in an international song contest. But even this pleasant wish-fulfillment fantasy is beyond Fox’s grasp; the story soon gives way to characters kvetching about romance and the working world, their sentiments recycled from the director’s other movies. In English and subtitled French and Hebrew.