Ronald Bronstein, who wrote and directed the disquieting indie Frownland, steps in front of the cameras for this similarly lo-fi drama, and his loose-limbed performance as the brash, irresponsible father of two young boys establishes him as a genuine triple threat. His character, a projectionist at a midtown Manhattan art house, haggles with his ex-wife for more custody of the kids, but once he’s got them he starts hustling friends and neighbors to babysit. Clowning around, doing handstands on the street, he’s more of a playmate than a parent, and after a while even the boys get wise to him. Writer-directors Ben and Joshua Safdie share the grainy verite aesthetic that Bronstein brought to his own movie, but their semi-autobiographical tale also recalls the fiction of Richard Yates with its images of kids ruefully united by a parent’s immaturity. Also known as Go Get Some Rosemary. 100 min.