It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Ice Cube coming so close to pulling off the earnest role of Vusi in this cheesy action movie written by Greg Latter and director Darrell Roodt (Cry, the Beloved Country). After half a lifetime of exile in California, former activist Vusi returns home to South Africa to find that his youngest brother Steven (Eric Miyeni) has disappeared into a morass of drugs and crime in Johannesburg. Steven’s girlfriend (Elizabeth Hurley) does drugs, mumbles about stripping being a logical step toward her dream of becoming a ballet dancer, and flirts with Vusi. He takes her on as a sidekick in his search for his brother, but he’s hopelessly committed to a woman back in California and saving his energy to exchange political platitudes with a frustrated middle brother, Ernest (Sechaba Morojele), who resents Vusi’s American ideas. Everything comes to a head in a shootout in the penthouse of drug lord Ving Rhames, where cliches fly as thick and fast as the bullets.