Christophe Honoré collaborated with Anne-Sophie Birot on the script of her excellent Girls Can’t Swim, but left to his own devices he seems like a relatively dull cousin of Arnaud Desplechin (My Sex Life . . . or How I Got Into an Argument). This 2006 drama features a similar milieu of proudly neurotic young Parisians, with J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey referenced as heavily as Philip Roth in My Sex Life. The hero (Romain Duris) gets dumped by his girlfriend and moves back in with his father (Guy Marchand) and younger brother (Louis Garrel), but the situation is less interesting than Honoré’s eclectic style (one character suddenly breaks into song) and such incidental pleasures as a cameo from Marie-France Pisier as the mother. In French with subtitles. 92 min.