One reason this 1998 production-design vehicle is so incredibly boring is that the characters keep having to explain the plot to one another. Director Alex Proyas (The Crow) pushes around his main prop, the dramatically lit Rufus Sewell, in a prefab neoexpressionist environment—a mishmash of iconography lifted from better movies. Sewell is the pet project of a psychiatrist (Kiefer Sutherland) enslaved by some nonhumans to help them distill the essence of humanity in a scheme that involves periodically making the population of a city unconscious so the interlopers, all of whom share the same tailor and barber, can toy with people’s memories and telekinetically rearrange the downtown skyline. With William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly, and Richard O’Brien; Proyas wrote the screenplay with Lem Dobbs and David Goyer.