Love. Destruction. Abandonment. Resilience. Hope.

These are the central pillars that viewers will feel while watching this TT the Artist-directed musical documentary. Amongst the backdrop of a colorful Baltimore, Maryland, creatives, dancers, singers, rappers and choreographers use their pain to inform their bodily movements and inspire the citizens of their city to press forward.

The children of local musicians and citizens impacted by the heroin epidemic and economic neglect, Black Baltimoreans resist the violent narrative that barely paints the surface of the beauty of the musical community in this city. Largely centered on Baltimore club music, viewers journey through an array of dance numbers, locations, like near the city’s pier and outside of corner stores, with people who grew up in this city, and those who moved there for the love of the city alike.

TT the Artist, musician and South Florida native, moved to Baltimore for her studies and remained there for twelve years. This documentary briefly touches on how her more recent move to LA and formation of the Club Queen Records label is largely motivated by her passion to show the world the talent and resilience that Baltimore has given her. The musical concludes with a peek into the King of Baltimore and Queen of Baltimore dance competitions that inspire young people to pursue their creative dreams in an area where violent opportunities can be persuasive. Though there can only be one winner, Dark City Beneath the Beat! shows that Baltimoreans won’t accept defeat.