In movies like Happiness and Storytelling, Todd Solondz has staged some pretty horrifying courtships, but the one in this seventh feature is surprisingly gentle. As usual it involves a fat man craving a thin, beautiful woman: spoiled, bitter Abe (Jordan Gelber) still lives with his parents (Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow) but manages to strike up a marriage of convenience with Miranda (Selma Blair), who’s infected with Hepatitis B. (“I want to want you,” she tells him, to which he replies, “That’s good enough for me.”) Given the energetic dance sequence at the beginning, you might be hoping for the one Solondz romance that ends joyously, but you won’t get it: the growing relationship between the two outcasts is largely dropped as Solondz begins to focus on a more far-out subplot involving a sexy older woman from Abe’s workplace (Donna Murphy).