In this documentary by Louise Osmond, cheery and self-satisfied seniors from the Welsh mining town of Blackwood recall the little syndicate they formed to train and race the prizewinning thoroughbred Dream Alliance, which won the 2009 Welsh National. “I suppose the attraction was, this couldn’t be done,” says Janet Vokes, a barmaid who partnered with her husband to buy a mare, breed it with an American champion, raise the foal that arrived in 2001, and pull together 30 friends and neighbors to invest ten pounds a week each in the horse’s career. Any such arrangement must have brought a fair share of interpersonal conflict, but the onscreen witnesses, remembering it all from a comfortable remove, spin their story as a feel-good movie of the year. Osmond reaches for political relevance with her brief treatment of a miners’ strike that roiled the town; it seems peripheral to the investors’ agenda of patting themselves on the back.