In this final installment in the X-Men saga and the first directed by Simon Kinberg, a combination of power and pride nearly defeats the superhero team once and for all. After Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) absorbs a powerful cosmic force, she must decide whether she will choose her X-Men family or her foes to guide her into her next stage of life. At its heart, this film is a close examination of family and the lies we tell to keep those we care about close at hand. Love wins, as it always does in stories like this, and the villain (Jessica Chastain) is forced to realize that having people who care for you often trumps being the mightiest person in the galaxy. Turner delivers a solid performance as a young woman coming to grips with an unknown force, and James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender maintain the frenemy bond we’ve grown to love. This film is an all right sendoff to nearly 20 years of storytelling but leaves one wondering what can possibly come next.