Dave Made a Maze

In this quirky homage to 1980s and ’90s fantasy films, a thirtysomething artist (Nick Thune) builds and gets lost inside a fantastical, labyrinthine structure in his living room, which his girlfriend and misfit pals must then fight through to find him. Despite the contemporary setting, adult cast, and attendant mature themes such as creative struggle and fear of irrelevance, this debut feature from writer-director Bill Watterson revels in old-fashioned wonders. The maze, constructed from cardboard and tape, is a full-scale set with puppetry and practical effects; the animation is stop-motion; and the villainous minotaur patrolling the maze is a guy in a costume. Watterson never explains how this supernatural world came to be, and chalking it up to the artist’s awakening psyche is, ironically, a failure of imagination on his part. Still, this is a fun ride.