Narrative incoherence continues to reign supreme in this flashy sequel to the 2004 Russian blockbuster Night Watch, despite an opening summary of the first movie that resembles a trailer. With its Manichaean blather about forces of darkness and light, the series aspires to the dehumanized protofascism of George Lucas or Zhang Yimou, but this time around some of the extravagant action and fantasy conceits seem closer to farce than metaphysics (a car racing up the side of a Moscow skyscraper and then barreling through a window into a hallway, a stretch of gender-bending in which a man assumes a woman’s body). I wasn’t exactly engaged, but this time boredom never took over. Sergei Lukyanenko adapted his best-selling fantasy novel in collaboration with Kazakh director Timur Bekmambetov. In Russian with subtitles. R, 139 min.