Just when it seemed as if the vampire narrative had degenerated into terminal suckitude, along comes this gleefully gory little gem. It’s 2019 and vampires are now the dominant species, but they’ve greedily hunted humans to the point of extinction. Ethan Hawke stars as a bleeding-heart vampire hematologist striving to solve the peak plasma problem and save the humans with a blood substitute; Sam Neill is his malignant corporate overlord, who knows there will always be an upscale market for the real thing. On the brink of a laboratory breakthrough, Hawke is recruited by leaders of the human underground (Willem Dafoe and Claudia Karva), who have their own scientific discovery to share. Writer-directors Michael and Peter Spierig equip this unpretentious, low-budget, high-functioning shocker with some sharp satirical teeth, and Dafoe has a ball behind his Manson goatee. R, 98 min.