Deadpool 2

When the Marvel Comics movie Deadpool stormed the box office in February 2016, reviews focused on its subversive, self-conscious humor. But the true appeal of this R-rated kid flick lies in its orgiastic zeal. There’s an orgy of gun violence, as the crimson-clad Deadpool uses a dozen pistol shots to waste an assortment of thugs with machine guns; after his last bullet travels through three skulls, he sniffs the barrel and confesses into the camera, “I’m touching myself tonight.” There’s an orgy of sex, set to Neil Sedaka’s “Calendar Girl,” that shows Deadpool’s alter ego, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), coupling with his beloved Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) every which way: her on top, him on top, him from behind, her from behind (wishing him a happy International Women’s Day and entering him with a strap-on). There’s an orgy of torture, sardonically scored with the Chordettes hit “Mister Sandman,” in which Wilson is hung from the ceiling and beaten, locked in a cage and sprayed with a fire hose, and submerged in a tank of ice water. With a comic book movie, you can never have too much of too much. Continue reading>>