Comedian Demetri Martin is partially famous for using drawings in his stand-up routines; in his debut feature as writer-director he also stars as a grieving Brooklyn cartoonist, but here his doodles don’t carry the same punch. At loose ends after his mother’s passing, and at odds with his more practical father (Kevin Kline), the title artist avoids another showdown with dad by flying to Los Angeles to drum up new work. Shallow admen, old friends who’ve gone Hollywood, and one excruciating party are needed distractions, but his funk hovers like smog until he clicks with a radiant beauty (Gillian Jacobs). Martin’s gentle observational humor is appealing but doesn’t quite fit the resentful lead character, and Kline, who plays his role straight, seems to belong in another movie; this material might’ve worked better as sketches in an omnibus film.