Dear Dictator

A Caribbean strongman strikes up a correspondence with a teenage punk in the U.S., and after his people rise up against him, he arrives at the girl’s home in suburban Georgia seeking sanctuary. If you can accept Michael Caine in the title role, you’ll probably believe anything, so you won’t be bothered that the dictator appears in the kid’s garage almost miraculously, with no explanation of how he escaped from his homeland or snuck into the U.S. “Sometimes I feel like you’re the only one who gets me,” the angry high-schooler writes in one of her letters, articulating the movie’s central joke. Unfortunately writer-directors Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse can get only so much mileage out of it, and they cede too much screen time to Katie Holmes as the girl’s mother, a dental hygienist, and Seth Green as her boss, who gets off by sucking her toes in the office while patients lie anesthetized. With Odeya Rush and Jason Biggs (American Pie).